L'arte nella moda

Fashion isn't something that necessarily
embodies frivolity.

can be Culture.
 can be Art.

Modernity deceived us that everything is possible
and everything is within everyone's reach.

Through Nimula I propose a "humanized" fashion
that brings back the Work and above all,
the Thought of the human being.

We have become slave of a wrong idea of freedom
and we got away from ourself and consequently
from the Nature and our Roots.

In some way, we got away from Reality.

The Real Craftsmanship differs from all the others
because it requires time, care, hability and
absolute precision to be realized.

I define myself as a humanist stylist,
a fashion designer who aspires to go beyond
the "rational vision" so popular today,
that flattens everything and generates omologation
of customs and way of thinking.

Through my work I want to go back
to our real Origins, rediscovering
the value of "a Certain Way" 
of doing things.


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